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Ironamic age is inspired by the term, “ iron age”. One of the most important archaeological eras in the history of our planet earth. Similar to those lines, the Ironamic age will mark a new era in the history of the forthcoming Martian civilization. As the name suggests ( Iron + ceramic), the project revolves around the core idea of a resource-driven development, through state-of-the-art technologies. With clay and Iron being present abundantly on the surface of Mars and water is present in the form of ice beneath the surface, these materials could potentially be amalgamated to create a material system that can be 3d printed and magnets could be used along with it to substantiate the extrusion process.

Considering the harsh environmental inputs of the planet, the project also looks into more of a sustainable planning principle, with the spaces being configured based on the human circadian rhythm and a Bio-mimetic approach for the structure of the built form. With the advent of a singularity being not so far, this era will also embark on the co-existence of human and machine driving the process.


Ar.Karthica , Ar.Aravindh Kumar, Ar.Praveen

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